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Invest Your Rewards With the Fidelity Rewards AMEX Card

Do you want to earn the most credit card rewards possible, but are tired of trying to figure out which purchases are eligible to earn a bonus? Most reward credit cards offer 1% cash back on most purchases and a higher percent on select bonus categories. Others offer a fixed percentage on all purchases, usually 1% to 1.5%. And in most cases, the best reward cards require the payment of an annual fee.

However, there is one exception. The Fidelity Investments American Express Rewards card offers class leading 2% cash back but with no annual fee.

How These Cards Work

You can apply for one of three reward cards that are linked to an eligible Fidelity account.

The card can be for investment rewards, 529 college savings rewards, or a retirement account. Cardholders then receive 2% cash back on all purchases, with no limits. It’s that simple.

Other Benefits

This card offers a basic set of benefits including retail purchase protection, travel and emergency assistance, and rental car insurance.

In addition, cardholders receive a 0% APR introductory financing offer on balance transfers that is valid for seven months after opening the account. There is a 4% balance transfer fee.


There is no annual fee for this card, but there is a 1% foreign transaction fee on all transactions processed outside the United States.

While I would prefer not to see this fee at all, at least cardholders still earn more rewards than they pay in fees when they travel beyond the border.

The interest rate is 13.99%. This is a relatively low rate for a rewards card, but it is by no means one of the lowest interest rate cards on the market. Since this is a reward cards, those who carry a balance should stay away from these products and look for the card with the lowest interest rate.


The cash back reward of 2% on all purchases is the highest fixed rate of return available on all purchases. In addition, cardholders can look at this card as a savings and investment tool, as their rewards will be deposited into their investment account. It is great that this card has no annual fee and a reasonable slate of benefits.


Unlike many reward cards, there is no sign up bonus offered. The seven months of 0% APR promotional financing on balance transfers is welcome, although shorter than most other similar offers. However, the 4% balance transfer fee is significantly worse than most others that come in at 3%.

Who This Card Is Best For

Fidelity AmexAs with all reward cards, this card is for those who pay every statement balance in full and on time. Beyond that, this product works for the reward card user who wants to use one card for all purchases while earning the most possible cash back. This is also a great card for those who are not good at transferring money each month to a savings or investment account. With this card, savings happen automatically as cardholders make everyday purchases, and users can check their investment accounts from time to time to see how their savings add up.

By offer leading rates of return with no annual fee and no gimmicks, this rewards card can only be seen as a sound investment.

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