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Top 10 Investment Companies In USA Performance and ROI Wise

Rating investment companies is rather subjective and is much more an art than a science, although magazines such as Forbes or Fortune apply strict mathematical models to their rankings. A very wide range of factors need to be considered, not least of which are the objectives of individual investors, or amount of funds to be invested. When considering the top investment companies, a few rules can still be applied in the analysis of investment companies that will deliver the best results for personal objectives.

Basics Of How To Analyze Good Investment Companies:

  • Company History And Performance Of Fund Managers: Company history and reputation may not always be a harbinger of future performance; however, future trends can be detected and past performance of fund managers can be ascertained through the company’s website.
    Online reviews using graphs can also be helpful, as graphs can present an overall look at a glance.
  • Products And Types Of Securities: Rates of return should be assessed over an extended period of time, at least five years, and should furthermore be assessed during both bull and bear markets.
  • Portfolio: Each type of portfolio is designed to concentrate on certain objectives or sectors, and which one is best depends on personal preferences.
  • Security Returns: Compare fixed and variable returns, as investment companies tend to have both. If fixed returns can cover amounts invested with an additional ROI of 6% to 10%, then most likely that fund is worth considering, and variable returns can be icing on the cake.

List of Top 10 Investment Companies

  1. The Vanguard Group: One of the most easily recognized investment companies in the world, the company can be very creative in its offerings. Just about any type of fund can be found, making for easier and less costly transfer from one type of fund to another.
  2. State Street Global Advisors: Another well diversified investment company with excellent product features.
  3. Northern Trust: Impeccable execution has made this company a household name among the very wealthy.
  4. Barclay’s Global Advisors: Well known for its iShare facility, this company has a global presence.
  5. JP Morgan Chase: An offspring of former banks and investment banks, the company provides the full spectrum of financial services.
  6. AllianceBernstein: Well known for its excellent research, the company offers esoteric instruments like derivatives, along with more traditional investment products.
  7. Fidelity Investments: Not much needs to be mentioned here.
  8. Deutsche Bank: The company relies heavily on wealth management with its excellent customer service.
  9. Allianz: This financial giant offers a versatile line of funds, as well as insurance and banking products.
  10. Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS): Also heavy on wealth and asset management, this company has operations in over 50 countries.

It is fair to assume that these companies can service the needs of any type of investors, from the very small to the institutional.

Update as on 27-June-2013

I have come across few more financial advisory companies, they can really help you in achieving your investment goal.

  • Merrill Lynch
  • TIAA-CREF and Prudential – Is worth giving a try if you are specially looking for Retirement, Life Insurance, etc.
  • Dodge & Cox Funds – Based of out San Francisco, is probably 70 – 80 year old company providing investment management services to individuals.

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  2. What is a good real-estate company to buy a new house in Maryland? I am looking to invest part of m y saving into real-estate.


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