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Top 10 Investment Books for Learning and Mastering Yourself

The best investment books are the ones that not only apply to current conditions, but can also apply to different economic conditions, all the while taking into consideration the differing needs and goals of individual investors. Value investing infers a longer time horizon, whereas aggressive investing tends to lean toward a shorter time horizon, with the goal of obtaining much more rewarding results.

Hopefully, this list of the these books below will cater to any investing style and temperament.

  1. F Wall Street: Joe Ponzio does a fantastic job at taking complex and intricate concepts and explains everything in layman’s terms. This book is a great read for beginning and intermediate investors who want to get a detailed understanding of how Wall Street works.
  2. The Intelligent Investor: Ben Graham was the author of this tome that was published in 1934, and still is one of the most read books. Warren Buffett calls it the best investing book ever written, and it is easy to see why Warren Buffett became one of the most successful investment guru of all times. Both value investing and aggressive investing are discussed.
  3. The Essays Of Warren Buffett: Professor Lawrence Cunningham uses shareholder letters written by Warren Buffett and arranges them in order of topic and relevance. This book also discusses numerous different business issues besides investment strategies.
  4. Value Investing: from Graham to Buffett and beyond: FirstEagle Funds Director of Research Bruce Greenwald uses a tantalizing format with the book, as each chapter effortlessly leads to the next.
    Also focusing on value investing, this book analyzes the tremendously successful investing techniques used by people at the pinnacle of the investment world.
  5. One Up On Wall Street: Famous money manager Peter Lynch takes his tremendous insider knowledge of the mutual fund industry and impartsĀ of his wisdom on how to beat Wall Street at its own games.
  6. Stock Trader’s Almanac 2012: Filled with charts, graphs, market data and forecasts, this almanac will teach you how to spot relevant trends that can be most useful in these uncertain times.
  7. Commodity Trader’s Almanac 2012:Complimentary to the previous book, this tome is perfectly suited to day traders in the very fast paced world of commodities trading, although it also gives insight into how commodities can correlate with equities.
  8. Volatile Markets Made Easy: Trading Stocks and Options for Increased Profits: Clear language and concise explanations of concepts, with applicable trade examples.
  9. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People: Learning about different investing techniques can be lucrative, but without the discipline to stick to a specific course of action, the long term will remain murky.
  10. Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress Free Productivity: David Allen has this knack about distilling principles that are conducive to a heightened state of productivity that is essential to analysis of different types of investment products.

Depending on your personal disposition, any of these books will teach you about how to make money investing, and the last two have been recommended to help you achieve the mindset necessary for successful investing.


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