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Top 4 Investment Companies In Abu Dhabi, UAE – Which One To Go For?

Are you looking into investing some of your hard earned money in an overseas company, perhaps in the Middle East?  Some individuals have chosen to invest some of their money in companies in Abu Dhabi, and it is important to have a good understanding of what type of company is the best to house your money.  Most likely not too many of us will be traveling to Abu Dhabi to conduct our business or financial investment activities, so it is important to use the Internet to conduct the research needed to understand what type of company is the best to use.

First, it is imperative that the company you choose to use have the acceptance and acknowledgement of the government in Abu Dhabi.  If the country does not have a good knowledge of the company, how to operate and what its reputation is, you cannot count on having a good experience conducting financial transactions from the comfort of your own home or office, so far away.

There are many large, well known American based banks that do offer their customers that ability to invest in Abu Dhabi in companies that are either owned, operated or affiliated with one of these institutions.  This can be a good way to start your investment to make sure that your money is housed within an entity that has experience and is trusted.  To know more about these available companies it is important to do your own personal research via the Internet.

Here are some examples of investment companies located in Abu Dhabi:

  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority –This investment groups is part of the government of Abu Dhabi. Investments include stocks, real estate and so on.  The authority is responsible for making good investments on the part of the government and it’s people.
  • Edward Jones Investments -This company is a traditional American one and also operates with the country of Abu Dhabi.  They provide assistance with meeting with clients and helping them determine what their long term financial goals are and how to meet them.
  • Fidelity Investement Group – This American company is also established in the country and will assist anyone, native born or individuals from other countries to know what kind of investements are the best ones for their money.  Fidelity specializes in retirement planning and will assist individuals to determine what their needs will be at retirement.
  • Charles Schwab – This company mainly deals with investing through stocks and bonds.  A broker will assist individuals in learning how to invest their money in stocks, watch the action and know when to keep or sell their portfolios.

The Internet is a very powerful tool to investors and as such can supply good information to individuals who are trying to learn more about overseas investment opportunities.  However, one has to be wary about all of the available investing information that is out there on the web.  Some companies are not reputable and if an individual pulls the trigger and invests their money too quickly, with little research, their money may be gone in a stroke of a computer key.  So, do your own research, and if need be, ask an individual, in a company that you trust, what companies they would recommend in Abu Dhabi.  It is important to not find yourself accidentally investing your hard earned money in a site that funds terrorist activities.  This will certainly get the notice of government officials, perhaps in both countries.

The bottom line is to be as vigilant in your investments overseas and at home.

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  1. Thank you for the information you’ve provided to me. I am a Tanzanian citizen of 32 years Old. My question is, Which ways can I get a start-up capital for Investment, if I need from those Abroad Companies, will they provide to me?