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Mobile Home In California: Costs and Things to Know Before You Buy

Making a decision to purchase a home, any home, is very important and should be looked at seriously as this is one of the biggest purchases that anyone will ever make in their lifetime.  There are some locations in the state of California where one cannot purchase and place a mobile home and other locations that will allow it.

Some Facts About Mobile Home in CA

  • The first step in purchasing a mobile home, is to decide on what type of mobile home you want.  Are you interested in a small, older more traditional trailer mobile home that has been around for a long time or one of the newer models that look like regular ranch style houses.
  • Cost to Keep in Mind! The newer models are terrific with a lot of higher end features such as garden bathtubs, dishwashers and updated fixtures.  These mobile homes are, of course, much higher in price than older smaller ones but are worth the cost.  There are additional costs to consider also.  First, there is a charge to move or to deliver your home to your location, and this can be costly.  In addition, there may be more costs to hook items up, and if you want a regular strong foundation to sit your home on, you will need to have a construction company to pour that foundation.
  • After you have made your decision about the kind of mobile home you want, it is time to consider the location where it will be set up.  First, there are some communities in the state of California where certain sections allow mobile homes, and these have been called mobile home parks.  A lot of individuals do not want to reside in a park with dozens of other individuals.  However, if you are having your home placed on a regular foundation, the restrictions may not apply to your piece of land.  First, you must check with your local town in California and see what they have to say regarding any restrictions.  All mobile homes must adhere to the rules of the county or city in which they will be located.

It is preferable to some individuals to make a mobile home their first home purchase, because of the lower cost over a traditional home, especially in some California locations.  If this describes what you have in mind for your first home, make sure to do your own research first, before you purchase a piece of land or purchase the mobile home itself.

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