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How to Build Your Business With Pinterest: A Practical Guide

Is Pinterest something that makes you scratch your head or is it your latest obsession? First Lady Michelle Obama just posted images separated into three different categories on June 13, 2012, joining Ann Romney who has been on the site for some time, with her pinboard touting recipes and family pictures. Remember how President Barack Obama credited social media for his presidential success? Looks like his campaign staff has found a new social media platform from which to deliver campaign messages.

So, how to setup a strategy to build your business with Pinterest?

Most Pinterest users at this point still use the platform for recreation purposes due to its simple and refreshing interface.

With the help of virtual bulletin boards, users can keep track of anything of interest, such as recipes, pictures, blog posts, articles, crafts, and of course, businesses, basically anything you can find online. With a somewhat similar platform to Twitter, you can follow other pinboards, pin and re pin items of interest, whatever your imagination can take you to.

Consider these facts about affiliate referral rankings as compiled by Shareaholic:

  • Pinterest: 3.6%
  • Twitter: 3.61%
  • Google: 3.62%
  • YouTube: 1.05%
  • Reddit: 0.83%
  • Google+: 0.22%

Hitwise ranks Pinterest as among the Web’s Top 10 sites in 2011, whereas Time lists it as being in the Top 5 of social networks.

Pinterest is also very versatile by allowing users to not only pin their own products or services, they can easily pin related items to their boards, or just cool stuff found online.

Talk about combining business with pleasure. Personalization at its best indeed.

Lifestyles are the life blood of Pinterest, just as videos are to YouTube.

First, take time to understand the lifestyles of your target market, then the appropriate products or services can be pitched. Or you can showcase your unique talents, therefore becoming the resident expert in that particular subject matter.

Google AdPlanner has estimated that as of March, 2012, Pinterest is still heavily weighted in female users, who comprise some 82% of users. In this respect, female professionals, such as marketing experts or financial planners, may just find the community a huge opportunity to offer their services.

However, even as the new kid on the block, Pinterest can also lend itself to huge corporations striving to build brand awareness and augment revenues. Witness Sam’s Club, when Fresh Freeze Cooler Senior Vice President Shawn Baldwin posted a simple appetizer recipe using products available at Sam’s Club that went viral throughout Pinterest. Companies such as Whole Foods Market, Hershey, or Kraft, also have a presence on Pinterest.

Building your business with Pinterest is only limited by your creativity and imagination, and the community is sure to grow very rapidly, so set up your stakes now before you get lost in the jungle.

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