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Core-Competencies Of Apple | What Makes Apple Super Successful

Apple was found in the year 1976, is the world’s number one company and has a heap full of lessons to be learnt from its success story. Started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple currently has annual revenue of over $108 billion and has taken the top notch position in the IT industry.  As many claim, Steve jobs was a very feeble eater and used to thrive on fruits and other veggies and hence came the name Apple- his favourite food. With the establishment of the first Macintosh in the year 1984, Apple had launched a product which no one could duplicate and from there onwards there was no looking back.

So what exactly did Apple do to be the most successful companies of all?

To sell any kind of product, marketing is a very important element. And that’s where Apple struck the nail on the head.

Creating the buzz- 1st phase approach

Apple likes to launch the information of the products quite close to the actual date of the release. Thus the buzz which is created about the product makes the consumers all the more inquisitive of the product and its features. By providing only a handful of tit its about its products to the hungry loyal customers the buzz begins. Apple has been know as one of the company’s who initially spent very less of its revenue on ad’s and followed traditional marketing methods.

Viral marketing

The second stage came in going viral about the products.   Apple-oriented blogs such as AppleInsiderThe Unofficial Apple Weblog can help loyalist discuss about the product and any scrap detail could be availed here. This viral marketing technique which Apple has adopted using social networking sites and the web as a whole has be a successful attempt in bringing the world closer to Apple

Product differentiation

Apple being the inventors of the mouse and the track pad always believed in innovating products. Apple products include the iPods, iPads, iTouch, iTV and iPhone along with a number of computer enhancing apps and software’s. With the introduction of the iPod in the year 2001, Apple started diversifying its products in such way that its competitors could barely even get a whiff of what was happening in this tech world. Thus now Apple is fondly called as a haven of consumer electronics.

Superior brand and product placement

With competitors like Microsoft offering their software’s for almost a majority of personal computers, the founders of Apple decided to go the niche marketing way, thus pricing their products at a superior level than the others. They could afford to do this because of their solid foundations of R&D, product differentiation and traditional marketing.

Customer loyalty

This is the most essential element deciding the popularity of your product and Apple certainly managed to do it the right way. By establishing sole Apple selling product stores all over the globe, the sellers are well equipped with the knowledge they require to sell the product, thus creating an excellent customer support unit. The consumers can personally check out all the features in this store and have a real life experience of using the Mac.

Maintaining Secrecy

The employees at Apple truly believe in creating a roar of curiosity in the markets. Thus all the details of their products are highly protected and in no way can be leaked out to the people. This is another major reason why Apple has been successful in beating its competitors and enjoying a larger market share.

Thus with a unlimited list of user friendly products, designs and upgrades Apple has triumphantly beaten all its rivals and has taken the first place amongst the world’s most admired company’s. Steve Job, with his relentless passion for his work, created a different world for the Apple users. Thus the success path for Apple has been a unique experience for all and something to learn from.  And as Steve Job’s would say- “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

Article Written By – Sanika Janwalikar,

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